Oscar, Tony, Jandina Three – Metal

Captain J.T. Robbins battles the Japanese Army Air over Hollandia, New Guinea, during the early months of 1944. He rolls his P-38 “Jandina” behind a Ki-43 “Oscar” while firing his 20 mm cannon at the fleeing enemy. A Ki-61 “Tony” dives flaming in a death plunge as Robbins passes over its burning hulk.

The name “Jandina” is a combination of Jay’s first initial and his Australian wife’s name, “Ina.” The plane is the third of a series of Lightnings that has carried the title throughout the Fifth Air Command’s deployment to the Southwest Pacific theater of operations.

During this period the Eighth Fighter Group’s 80th Fighter Squadron, the “Head Hunters,” has been at Nadzab, New Guinea and is participating in the final destruction of the Japanese Army Air Force in that region. Robbins will eventually fly 607 hours on 181 combat missions in P-39 and P-38 aircraft and score 22 aerial victories, all of which are Japanese fighters. By November of 1944, he will become the second-highest scoring fighter ace on active duty in the Pacific. Then he will be sent back to the States after being in action continuously for twenty-nine months.


Well loved by the aerospace industry for being both lightweight and enormously durable, the reflective quality of the aluminum metal sheet prints add luminous color, depth, and high resolution detail to the artwork. The surface is water, scratch, and UV resistant, ensuring your print stay beautiful and endures the test of time.

Six-color print heat-fused onto a 0.045″ thick polished aluminum sheet with a bonded rear stand-off frame . Each piece is artist signed and numbered, with a decorative historical border.

Limited edition metal print of 500, sized 16″ x 24″is $275

Limited edition metal print of 500, sized 20″ x 30″ is $445