Yellow Nose Kids – Metal

Jagdgeschwader 26, “Schlageter” was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. It operated mainly in Western Europe against Great Britain, France, and U.S. armed forces. But is also saw service against the USSR. It was named after WW I veteran  Albert Leo Schlageter.

Jg 26 fighter pilots were renowned for their dogfighting skills. The groups’ distinctive marking of a yellow lower nose panel on their Focke Wulf Fw-190s was portents of the approach of deadly combat. The American and British airmen who fought them over the English Channel and the skies of France began to refer to them as “The Abbeville Boys” and “The Yellow Nose Kids.”

One of Jg Schlageter’s commanders and famous aces, Joseph “Pips” Priller, along with his wingman, Heinz Wodarczyk, made the only German Luftwaffe attack against the beaches of Normandie on D-Day, June 6, 1944. He made a single strafing run with his Fw-190 and survived not only this attack, but the war. He died of a heart attack at a relatively young age in the early ’50s.

Although many Luftwaffe records were lost at the end of the war, research suggests that JG 26 claimed around 2,700 aircraft shot down, with 763 pilots killed (631 in action, 132 in accidents). Some 67 were shot down and became prisoners.


Well loved by the aerospace industry for being both lightweight and enormously durable, the reflective quality of the aluminum metal sheet prints add luminous color, depth, and high resolution detail to the artwork. The surface is water, scratch, and UV resistant, ensuring your print stay beautiful and endures the test of time.

Six-color print heat-fused onto a 0.045″ thick polished aluminum sheet. Each piece includes a decorative historical border.

8″x  12″ with a rear-mounted desk stand is $75

12″ x 18″ with bonded rear stand-off frame is $115

16″ x 24″with bonded rear stand-off frame is $225

20″ x 30″with bonded rear stand-off frame is $345