Twin Tails and Carrot Tops

The enemy in Europe called it the “Fork-Tailed Devil.” We named it the “Lightning.” It was fast and it was powerful. In Burbank , Lockheed built 9,924 P-38’s that helped turn the tide of war while protecting America ‘s shores. By the third year of World War II, industry was producing thousands of aircraft. Folks on the home front were working around the clock to build the equipment needed to defeat fascism. Yet, here we see a brief interlude for two Rosy Riveters, Vi and Selma , as they unpack for an afternoon on the beach. Having finished their shift at the ball turret factory in Anaheim , they have traveled to Corona del Mar. Their kids now unwind and play in the low-tide shallows.

Military airplanes flying overhead were a common sight in 1944, but it was always exciting to see the big birds up close during a low flyby. The finishing touch to a sand castle is a worthy work of art, but for one twin the approach and roar of two supercharged Allison engines is enough to send him leaping in ecstasy. While his brother contemplates the opportune time to destroy his cousin’s masterpiece, Logan, his buddy, turns to see the errant twin greeting the kindred spirits hurtling through the air.

Limited edition of 1,944 prints on acid-free, 100-pound cover stock.
Artist proofs of 194.
Image = 33 x 22 in. Trimmed print = 37 x 27 in.
Certificate of authenticity included.
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